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- It's Over - by Ron Martin



Conservative authors and talking heads all tell you that our only hope for salvation from the tyranny of Obama lies in the 2012 elections. Politicians have raped, pillaged and despoiled our once great Constitutional Republic, yet we are asked to again trust our fate to them. Americans that hang their hopes on Tea People need only look at the pitiful performance of the House GOP majority since November 2010. Similarly, a narrow GOP majority in the Senate in 2012 will simply be circumvented by executive, judicial and unelected agency dictates. The apocalypse of America, engineered by master assassin Obama, will remain on target and not be dissuaded by elections.


“Normalcy bias” makes us unable to fathom that which has never happened before. It made the Jews in 1940’s Nazi Germany refuse to flee because no precedent existed for the Holocaust. It stopped the passengers on the first three 9/11 airliners from resisting because martyrdom had never before been a motive for hijacking. And, Americans are being asked again to place their lives in the hands of politicians because elections have worked for 224 years. This time…it’s different! Elections are now the opiate of the masses used to buy time and tranquility by giving false hope of better times ahead. While we act out this farce of selecting an opponent for Obama he looks on as if it were a comedy. It is!

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Since his immaculation on January 20th, 2009, we have suffered unprecedented moral decay, loss of national sovereignty, bankruptcy, depression-era unemployment, criminal theft from our treasury, blatant racism, and Marxist redistribution of wealth. Each shocking usurpation of our rights is followed by others even more shocking. Why is the silence from the left and the right deafening? The left rubber-stamps all of Obama’s bizarre actions because he is the culmination of 100 years of progressive Marxism. He is literally their “Messiah”, their 12th Imam come to kill the infidels. He is the long-awaited “One” to unite minorities, PC slaves, academia, crony capitalist elitists, and all the rest of the disaffected degenerates of America.

“Blaming the prince of fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince.”  (quote from Czech Republic)

The atrocities of Obama cannot be enumerated within the covers of my book. Not a hundred books can detail the metastasized malignancy in education from K through college, in the freedom-killing regulations, in erasing all traces of our Judeo-Christian heritage, or in replacing American exceptionalism with mind-numbed, dumbed-downed serfdom. Legions of Alinski-ites permeate every level of our society. Few Americans can grasp the enormity of the countless repressive, horrific, draconian edicts now being formulated and codified by Obama’s corp of perverts and soon to envelop every facet of human life until all freedoms are extinguished. And, with no conservative champion to effectively challenge them, a lethargic public that is ambivalent, and no media to even expose them, Obama’s task of gutting the constitution and remaking the republic in his own image continues unabated. There is no passive remedy to extirpate them from our mist.

Few recognize and none verbalize that Obama, by design, is despoiling and laying waste to our Republic until not a scintilla remains.  He and his ilk detest white America. Our demise is simply black/Muslim retribution for perceived, fictional injustices. The election of a minority black by a mostly white population escapes his notice. 

But the worst is yet to come! Obamacare and other high crimes and misdemeanors will not be reversed, Obama will be reelected and there will be no 45th president of the United States!

Our tarnished Republic has become Sodom and Gomorrah awaiting Armageddon and that will begin on November 6, 2012, the day Obama is elected to his 2nd term.

The racism of blacks and Hispanics, the white guilt from 60 years of inculcated self-flagellation and 100 years of proselytized, leftist ideology guarantees his reelection.

Naïve conservatives hinge their hopes on reasonable, logical, Americans witnessing Obama’s despicable, racist, criminal, anti-American behavior and translating their disgust into votes. This naivety blinds them to the fact that most American voters have become devoid of reason and logic. Blacks vote for Obama because he is black, Hispanics because he promises amnesty and whites vote for him because it sooths their slavery-driven, guilt-ridden conscience and satisfies their need for self-flagellation. Obama is the only option for the leftist and elitist vote. The former is ideological and the latter for greed and status. The “coup de Grace” will be provided by unprecedented voter fraud. How can we defeat a man whose middle name cannot be uttered, birth records sealed, college grades a mystery, or when simple criticism is labeled racism?

With Obama’s transition from freedom to totalitarianism at a critical stage, the 2012 elections will pit a primitive, demagogic, lynch-mob of radical elitists and Alinski-ites against their civilized opponents. Billions will flow back from our laundered taxes to finance union thugs, ACORN and Marxist bitter-enders in their intimidation, coercion and violence toward stupefied Republicans. Media omissions and commissions of 2008 will be expanded exponentially. Unlike Republicans, Democrats will demand unconditional surrender, offer no quarter and will literally fight to the death to stop the GOP from undoing their goal of a Marxist utopia.

So, if elections are a placebo, a forlorn hope, are we then to surrender our liberty and the lives of our families to the horrors that await them under the tyranny of Obama and his Godless hordes?

For 6000 years war and tyranny were the norm; peace and freedom the aberration. After suffering years of despotism under King George III, our founders and a mere third of their fellow colonists risked their lives and fortunes to sever the bonds of their oppressors. The combat waged against overwhelming odds paled when compared to the task of creating a constitutional republic unlike any other before or since. Only after the greatest of minds like Jefferson and Madison had perused the greatest documents like the Bible and Magna Carta did they author and entrust to us the most singular manmade system of governance; the first ever to state that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness were unalienable rights of man given by our Creator.

Autocratic empires had always been the norm because they required only the brute power of one despot to exist. Our unique Constitutional Republic was based on “E pluribus Unum” (out of many, one) which made the whole greater than the sum of the parts. Before passing into history, our founders wrote volumes on preserving the unique but fragile concepts of our system. Retaining Judeo-Christian Principles while avoiding egalitarianism was paramount. Since man’s nature is evil they gave us a system of checks and balances. Jefferson even warned us that the “tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants” if we failed to maintain.  We have ignored this warning far too long. The time for passive correction is passed. The election of Obama and his subsequent execrable acts are ample proof that our self-correction mechanism has failed. Alexander Tyler’s “fatal sequence” has now come full circle: from bondage under King George III to the bondage under Obama and his fascist oligarchy.

Americans should ask themselves three simple questions: Do I revere our founders? Did they do the right thing in declaring our independence? Are we in more trouble in 2011 than our forefathers were in 1776? I think most astute Americans would answer yes to all three. Then why does every conservative tell us our only salvation is again electing the same political elites who have bankrupted us economically and morally?

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